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AAA is a software company working since 2001 and have served 1000+ clients.

ZocDoc Clone

Do you also want to develop the most demanding healthcare App of your own? We have the revolutionary ways of developing health services App for you as we deal with the ZocDoc clone script by which you can provide your users with the best App for dealing with their health-related issues online.


Does anyone want to take appointment from the doctor? Or want to buy any medicine? No need to waste your time in going and taking appointments, we will make it easy for you. Yes! We develop the healthcare Apps where your clients can easily get appointments virtually or can buy medicines by ordering it from their mobiles.


  • Advanced search options:

Users will be able to search for the specific doctors, pharmacies and medicines, near to their locations.

  • Admin dashboard

The admin will be able to have complete check balance on the activities performed and will be able to control the App solely.

  • User-friendly App

It will be easy for the users to login to the account simply by adding their number or email id. This will be totally a user-friendly App, which anybody can use easily.

  • Booking of appointment

The users will be able to book their appointments or cancel their appointments before time.

  • Record

The record of users’ checkups will be saved in their accounts, to keep them aware of their schedule checkups.

  • Guidelines

Admin can guide the users about the new health care trends.


Why to develop Zocdoc clone app?

People are highly concerned about their health but don’t get time to wait in huge lines of patients outside the pharmacies and clinics, so they highly demand the assistance virtually. We provide you with the best ZocDoc clone WordPress script by which you can inspire and help several people. these apps and Sites not only help people but also save their time and money which they spend to reach to their doctors and pharmacies.

Revenue by ZocDoc

ZocDoc generates huge revenue, as the more people will login and subscribe the more benefit the owner will get. Secondly, the pharmacies, doctors and hospital on board will also give commission for your services. Thirdly, hospitals and pharmacies may also use your platform for their promotions and advertisements.

ZocDoc App service circle

The ZocDoc app, keeps the all three parties on one track, such as:

  • Users login and subscribe to this App to get assistance of the virtual app to book and cancel appointments as well as to order their medical ailments. They will also use the app to keep their record of the medical health related activities.
  • The service providers such as doctors, hospitals and pharmacies login to this app to keep their users updated about their pricing, availability and schedules. Doctors may also use this app to keep the record of their patients and may know in advance about their appointments.
  • The admin may use this app to manage the things and have full control over the activities.


Why to choose us?

We deal in developing the best customized clone apps. Choose us to develop your ZocDoc clone if you want user-friendly and cost-effective App. Our team of experienced software experts have command over making the best customized and modern apps.


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