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AAA is a software company working since 2001 and have served 1000+ clients.

Whatsapp Clone

We provide our users with the best featured WhatsApp clone, as we deal with the best mobile apps. Develop handy apps for your mobiles and desktops, including both Android and IOS devices.

How it works:

Use the WhatsApp clone script app and connect with the people around you and also with the people living on the other edge. Make you social life, more social by sending message or by calling your loved ones and show them your closeness and love to them. Bring your generation close by using our software and developing the best WhatsApp script with us.


Our WhatsApp clone provides our users with various features, which make them unique among others. This clone has the following features:

  • Profiles:

Our user-friendly WhatsApp clone provides the users with the feature of managing their profiles as they wish to, by uploading pictures, sharing statuses, setting templates and backgrounds, and by using more setting options.

  • Sharing

This app provides them with the option of sharing their files and documents with others. They can share videos, documents, website links, etc. to their friends and family.

  • Privacy settings

User may also set their profile as private and can also apply different privacy setting to their profiles, to make their accounts secure.

  • Search:

It provides the freelancers with the option of searching for the projects of their choice and interest. They may set the bids for the desired projects.

  • Notification settings

Users can also turn-on or turn-off their notification setting, by which they can get notified for the incoming messages and calls.

  • Messaging and Calling

This app provides them with the option of messaging and with the option of calling their contacts. Within calling they can also choose the type of call they want to make such as voice call or video call.

  • Unlimited uploading

Users may upload as many files and documents as many they want.

  • Search option

Users may also search the contact or chatting in their profiles to easily access to the person.


We offer

We offer our clients with the following features and services:

  • Mobile App

We make WhatsApp clone for mobiles, using Android and IOS devices both.

  • Web App

We develop the Web Apps also for your mobiles and desktops, with the unique customized features.

  • Admin dashboard.

The admin dashboard has all the features required for the admin to check the activities and performance of the app.

  • Payment options

For extra features your users may pay via different payment methods online.

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