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What is SEO? A complete guide about the approaches, factors and how does it work?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, it is an approach through which you can increment the number of traffic (quantity and quality) to your websites when you search something using any search engine.

How does it work?

Here come the questions which leave you in a thought. But there is no need to scratch your head as the answer is provided here.

You visit different websites as a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or whatever search engine you like to use for searching your queries and it provides you with a long list of options/ links to webpages through which you can select the best possible answer to your searched question, but have you ever stopped and thought how does these websites provide you with a massive amount of organic search results just a click away. How a large amount of magical list appears within a few seconds when you search for something?

Don’t worry because here’s how it works: Any search engine, that you are using, has a propelled crawler that goes out and accumulates the information about all the content relating to your web search that they can discover on the internet. After that they brings back the result to the search engine which then builds an index, that index is then fed through an algorithm which calculates the data to match with your query.

For instance, if you are using Google as your search engine and you search for a recipe by typing in its search bar, the top outcomes that it will come up with will be the result that is by the best SEO’s in Google’s eyes.

A simple way of understanding it is that it pushes up the links with the most relatable content provided in the websites by portraying other components beneath.


Approaches to SEO:

The most ideal way to comprehend SEO is to separate its importance. Like, SEO is:

  1. An Advertising Discipline– Comprehending SEO is important to all your prompting struggles because what you try is to attract people to your site and make changes and create leads. Not just by composing a content that Google prefers but by coming up with such a good quality of words that will be renowned with your audience. This is why having an effective google script is a good idea.


  1. A Technical task– ascertaining the acquired procedures for enhancing your content and site is important as what you are trying to achieve is a large number of traffic to your site. Individuals knowing the intricate details about search engine optimization are greatly looked for after on the ground that they bring the highest ROI (Return on Investment).


  1. Energizing field– making innervational content and building up leads for nothing is very surprising. With that, maintaining the consistently progressing nature of SEO and the way that it challenges the advertisers to always examine the new calculation changes and from there, sky is the limit.


What factors influence SEO?

Despite the fact whether you are trying to aim to become familiar with search engine optimization or need real striking strategies to upgrade your site’s SEO, there are a lot of more other factors that are supported by all web crawlers like Google etc. when it comes to positioning each web page.

Though there are 200 variables that influences the ranking of your webpage, luckily, anybody can improvise their website by just dealing with a bunch of them.



Basically, SEO helps the user to optimize large amount of traffic on their websites, when something is searched using any web engine like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. It provides an organic result to the queries that are being searched using the web engines. Through processing the accumulated data collected by the web crawlers on the internet, search engines push up the most relatable content to the question being searched after applying an algorithm on it.

Different approaches are used to understand the SEO’s working and different factors influence SEO, which in term is not important for a user to go through all of them as few of them can be fruitful in improving the website.

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