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AAA is a software company working since 2001 and have served 1000+ clients.

Udemy Clone

Develop your own personalized and custom-built Udemy clones with us. Contact us now! To manage your learning services online. Our experts develop Udemy scripts in best effective way to ensure the personalized online environment with the powerful educational software for your participants. So, publish your own learning courses online and attract people towards your Udemy script WordPress with us, developed according to your demand and requirements. Call the best teachers and learners to your platform and become the owner of your online school system.


  • Language option

You may select the language of your choice in order to target the specific group of people towards your posts.

  • Admin Panel

The admin panel is especially designed to give the admin, all the controls to manage the app such as setting the prices, extending the downloads, posting material, etc.

  • Teachers board

The teachers and other helpers will have their own separate profiles, where they can login and give their services online to earn money.

  • Feedback

The users may give their useful feedback in the app to help you improve the app and its services.

  • Payment methods

Provide your users with the different payment methods so that they may choose the payment method of their choice. It may ease them in paying the money.

  • Download options

The learners may download the articles and other reading materials after paying. Once they pay for the course or reading stuff, they can download it at any time.

  • Rewards

The users may get rewards and benefits by referring to their friends and family.

  • Notification

The users may get notified through mails and messages about the new courses and material related to their field of interest.

Yielding revenue

Through Udemy Clone apps you can earn revenue on large scales, including:

  • Through commissions

You may earn through commissions by posting the material published by other writers and teachers to get the benefit or you may also earn by hiring tutors and teachers.

  • Through subscription

You may earn on large scales through subscriptions. As many people you will attract that much you may earn.

  • Through courses

You may earn by providing people with primary courses of your own and can add more features on the courses to get more profit.

  • Through ads

You may earn money by promoting other websites or businesses, by posting their ads on your Udemy script app.

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