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AAA is a software company working since 2001 and have served 1000+ clients.

Fiver Clone

Fiverr clone is an App to bring the users and freelancers to one platform and to let them get the benefit from each other. Build a platform where you can get the revenue by taking work from the best freelancers around you. Attract the users by giving them opportunities to get their work done in an effective way and choose the skilled freelancers to provide their services to grow your freelancing business.

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Simply get the best freelancers on your platform by giving them job opportunities as freelancers, provide the desired services to the users and earn revenue by making your App as the best Fiver clone WordPress for freelancing activities. So, contact with us and plan the features for your app with us. We ensure the creativeness at its fullest.


  • user-friendly

Fiver clone is very user friendly, as people can get their benefits from it easily.

  • Cost effective

This business is very cost-effective as it offers services which are not be bought but to earn.

  • Ad management

You can promote other business and people on your app and can earn high revenues.

  • Easy Installation

Our experts will make it sure that the app is easily installable and will keep the maintenance of the app.

  • Search option

It provides the freelancers with the option of searching for the projects of their choice and interest. They may set the bids for the desired projects.

  • Messaging

The freelancers and users may also chat with each other on the App, to discuss the instructions related to the projects to avoid any ambiguities.

  • Notification

The users may also search for the best suitable freelancer for their project and in return may get notified about the accepting or rejecting of the project by the freelancer.

  • Payment methods

Provide the users with the option of choosing different payment methods.



Fiver clone script is the best app for not only earning profit but also for helping people in getting jobs or in getting their work done. This provides you with benefits by:

  • Providing the job opportunities to the freelancers and getting their services.
  • Providing your users with the customized services to help them.
  • Earn profit from both and raise your revenue options.

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